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The Muscle Wise Starter Kit has everything you need to begin the program. Includes 42 total servings of our most popular foods, drinks, and snacks. The Balance bluetooth scale connects to the Muscle Wise mobile app and will track your progress as you achieve your weight loss goals.

  • BALANCE Smart Scale & Shaker Cup
  • Box of Creamy Mac & Cheese (7 servings)
  • Variety Pack of Layer Bars (7 servings)
  • Box of Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal (7 servings)
  • Box of Chocolate Shakes and Puddings (7 servings)
  • Variety Pack of Chips (7 servings)
  • Variety Pack of Fruit Drinks (7 servings)
  • 1 bottle Essential Fatty Acids, 1 bottle Essential Minerals, 1 bottle Multivitamins (1 month supply of all supplements)

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